Offload Work is a resource for busy small business owners and nonprofits to offload tasks and projects onto vetted professionals so they can keep focused on what they do best.

How It Works


  • Email hello@offloadwork.com with a brief description of your business or nonprofit and a brief explanation of the work you are looking to offload.
  • We will respond within 8 business hours to set up your free 15-minute phone consultation to determine if Offload Work is a good fit.


  • If Offload Work is a good fit, we will create your Work Service Package of a la carte services with you and pair you with the right 'Worker(s)' from Offload Work.
  • You sign the Work Service Package document, which will outline the scope of the agreed upon work and timeline.
  • You purchase the agreed upon Work Service Package. At this point, your Offload Work 'Worker(s)' are locked in for the agreed upon deadlines.
  • You meet with your Offload Work 'Worker(s)' for to onboard them, either in person or via Google Hangouts, Facetime, or Skype. This onboarding session is $100. *Please be prepared with any passwords and training materials your Offload Work 'Worker' will need to complete the work. All passwords and training materials are kept confidential.

Breathe Easy: Your Offload Work 'Worker(s)' work to the highest expectations and level of professionalism to enable you to keep focused on what you do best.

Review: When your Offload Work 'Worker(s)' have completed the Work Service Package, your Offload Work 'Worker(s)' will meet with you in person or via Google Hangouts, Facetime, or Skype to review the completed work and confirm the outlined expectations have been met. This offboarding session is included in your work package.

Smile: You experienced the efficiency of offloading work so you could keep focused on what you do best!


Having run and sold a successful eCommerce startup for 5-years, sibling team Julia and Ry know the roller coaster small businesses and nonprofits face. The peaks and valleys of workload can be tremendous for small teams, leading to that uncomfortable reality of choosing between doing all the work yourself or hiring and managing a new employee, intern, or temporary person. In their first startup, Julia and Ry faced unexpected exponential demand for their products when they were indirectly featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. They worked around the clock for weeks playing catch up in manufacturing, shipping, and customer service with no extra human capital available. Julia and Ry also didn't know how long the spike would last so they were hesitant to hire anyone full-time. There's risk in hiring, and spending the time managing somebody can take time away from doing what you do best. 

That's where Offload Work enters the scene...

Offload Work Is Right For You If...

  • You're a busy small business owner who needs to spend the majority of your time selling, creating, or providing your core service
  • You're a busy nonprofit director
  • You are really good at the crucial areas of your business, but there's extra work that needs to get done
  • You would benefit from extra bandwidth
  • You aren't ready to hire a full-time or part-time employee
  • You want experienced professionals you trust take some of the load off your plate
  • You experience peaks and valleys in revenue and/or workload
  • You crave efficiency

Meet the Team

Julia DuBay | Founder and principal 'worker' | Chicago

Julia DuBay | Founder and principal 'worker' | Chicago

Julia DuBay, MPA

Founder & Principal 'Worker'

Julia has 10-years of experience in eCommerce & merchandising working for large and small companies, including 5-years of experience running a successful eCommerce business with her brother, Ry, which they sold in 2013.

Julia is extremely detail oriented and excels at creating the best possible user experience. Whether it's creating product pages for an online store, creating a piece of direct mail, or analyzing sales data behind the scenes to give recommendations so a store can ultimately carry the right products for its customers, Julia will deliver. 

Julia loves the energetic community of entrepreneurs and nonprofits and loves to contribute to small organizations in a meaningful way. She is on the Board of Directors of the Naperville Area Humane Society, where she gives back in her spare time. Julia also loves podcasts, travel, clean eating, and the mountains.

Master of Public Administration - focus on Nonprofit Management
Bachelor of Science - Merchandising
Fluencies: Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Shopify, various eCommerce platforms and inventory management systems
Ongoing Education: Adobe Illustrator, Squarespace, business analysis

Ry Hawley | Web Guru and 'Worker' | Denver

Ry Hawley | Web Guru and 'Worker' | Denver

Ry Hawley

Web Guru & 'Worker'

Ry has 5-years of experience running a successful eCommerce company with his sister, Julia, which they sold in 2013. Ry also has 3-years of experience and continues to work as an investment advisor and portfolio manager for a small capital management company.

Ry seeks both functionality and form. He doesn't just want systems to work, he wants them to work smoothly and look great while doing it. Ry offers a well-rounded set of skills in tech, coding, design, accounting, and finance. Ry also loves soccer, snowboarding, live music, travel, and cookies.

Bachelor of Science - Sustainable Business
Fluencies: Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Apple Logic, audio recording
Ongoing Education: Visual Basic, Javascript, Magento, Shopify, Quickbooks, video editing