“A life saver”

We hired Offload Work to build out the product pages for our holiday pop up shop. Julia got the project done on time and was very easy to work with. Having Offload Work there to take the holiday pop up shop off our plates really freed us up to continue selling and working with our clients on new creative ideas. We ultimately brought in much more revenue than we would have during the month Julia took on that project for us. Totally worth it! 

- Anna Nguyen, Executive Brand Director of Monarch & Company

“The answer to my prayers”

Two years ago I started a nonprofit organization. I had very little direction in regard to branding or marketing. Unfortunately, I also spent money on a website that turned out to be nonfunctional and very disappointing. I was very discouraged and unsure of what to do next. It was at that time that I was introduced to Julia and she agreed to help me. I can honestly say that she built the foundation of what is now a thriving organization. Julia worked tirelessly on a beautiful website, and we collaborated on the logo we still use today. I have received numerous compliments how professional and clean our website looks. I will be forever grateful for the fantastic work she did on the behalf of Food for Hope.

— Emily Stromquist, Executive Director of Food for Hope

I would recommend Julia's services to any small business that can't quite afford or doesn't have the long term means to hire an employee. Julia has been extremely helpful and has a natural knack for making you feel comfortable. I am excited to utilize her knowledge and support with future endeavors.

- Alysha Trujillo, Owner of Modern Love Counseling


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